Managing Payments and Shipping Methods in PrestaShop

Payments and Shipping are one of the most important aspects for your customers, for purchasing a product. Fortunately PrestaShop provides you with an easy way to add payments methods and shipping carriers. In this tutorial we will learn, how to configure PrestaShop payment and shipping methods.

Access the Payments page

In order to setup the payment methods for your PrestaShop store, login to back office and navigate to Payment > Payment Methods in PrestaShop 1.7.

On this page you can see all of the currently activated payment methods. PrestaShop comes with two default payment methods – Wire Payment and Payments by Check. You can also add more gateways to your store as per your needs.

Configure Active Payment Methods

On Payment page you will see a list of currently “Active Payment” methods. These are basically payment modules activated for your Store. To configure any of the active payment methods you simply need to click on the respective configure button.

After clicking “Configure” button, you will be redirected to configuration page for the selected payment methods. For example, click on “Bank Transfer”, and you will be presented with a page like below, asking bank details for this payment methods.



Activate Alternative Payment Methods

To activate another payment method, you simply need to install, activate a payment module and configure it as per your details. Go to your admin dashboard > Modules > Modules & Services > Selection and enter the name of your desired payment gateway. For example we will install the Cash on Delivery payment method:

After you have searched your desired module i.e cash on delivery(COD), click the Install button and the module is ready to use

The configuration for different payment method is different, you will need to contact the payment method provider to obtain configuration information such as standard usernames, passwords, API keys and so on.


Shipping Methods

PrestaShop provides you an easy way to add shipping carriers which are automatically shown as shipping methods for your products. Now we will learn how to add and configure shipping methods.


Add a Custom Shipping Method

Shipping methods are nothing just to configure the correct carrier in PrestaShop backoffice. To do so, you need to access the carriers page in PrestaShop backoffice by navigating to Shipping > Carriers.

You will be redirected to a page where list of the already configured carriers will be shown. You can edit or add new carriers here.


Add a New Carrier

To add a new carrier, you will need to click on the Add New Carrier button located at the top action bar of the page. You will be presented with a page where you can enter the details for your new carrier as below

Add New Carrier


The process consist of 4 steps with different options allows you to configure the new carrier you are adding. The first step is General Settings. You can enter the following configuration options here:


  • Carrier name – The name of the carrier you are adding
  • Transit time – The transit time is the estimated delivery time which will be displayed on checkout for this carrier.
  • Speed grade – This is a scale from 0  to 9 which represents the time required by the carrier to ship the product
  • Logo – The logo of the carrier
  • Tracking URL – The Tracking URL, where customer can track the product delivery.

Once you have entered all the information for this first step please click on next to go to the second step so you can proceed with the configuration.


SHipping Locations Cost


The next step is  Shipping locations and costs, provides you with configuration options for the serviceable locations and additional costs for this shipping method. The configuration options available are as follows:

  • Add Handling Cost – Enter if there is any handling cost for this carrier
  • Free Shipping –Enable it, if shipping via this carrier is free.
  • Billing – Set whether billing for this carrier is based on total price or total weight of the package.
  • Tax – The tax rate applied to this carrier
  • Out of range behavior – Behavior for this carrier when the weight of the package exceeds the limitation of the carrier
  • Ranges – The range of this carrier based of weight or price, depends on billing configuration value.

Enter all the required information and click on next to go to next step.

Size Weight and Grup Access


The third step of adding a carrier is “Size, weight and group access”. Here you can set different configuration options related to the limitations for the packages this carrier can ship from your store to your clients. The configuration options are self-explanatory and you can easily set these settings

The final step is called Summary and there you will be presented with a brief summary of the configuration you have just entered. Below that you will see the Enabled option using that you can enable or disable this carrier.

So just enable this option and click on finish to save this carrier with all the setting you have entered. Congratulations! You have just added a new carrier, you can even now configure as much as carriers you want for your products!

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