Managing Taxes in PrestaShop

Taxes are an integral part of any business and depending on your country, state or region of your business you will have different taxes. Also your different products may have different taxes. PrestaShop has all the available settings you need to set up taxes to your products.

In PrestaShop there’s a difference between taxes and tax rules. Taxes are in fact the tax rates (in percents) that are applied for the different countries or states/regions within countries. These tax rates can then be added to tax rules. In a tax rule there can be many tax rates as well as you can also specify for which countries or states/regions these taxes will apply.

n this tutorial we’ll learn managing tax rates. If you want to learn about managing tax rules read our previous tutorial how to manage tax rules in PrestaShop.


Add Tax Rates

To add a tax rule, login to the admin dashboard of your PrestaShop store and navigate to International > Taxes. The page opened will show a table with some predefined tax rates as shown below:

PrestaShop Taxes


To add a new tax rule, simply click on the Add new tax button on the top-right corner. This will open a form with some settings to fill as below:


PrestaShop Add New Tax


  • Name – Enter the name for the tax rate.It can be any thing you want, it’s a good idea to put the name of the tax, country, region / state , and also the percents of the tax rate in the name.  for example GST India-12.5%.
  • Rate – Enter the actual tax rates. Tax rates are always calculated in percentage. So, i.e, if the tax rate is 12.5 %, type enter 12.5 in the field.
  • Enable – You can enable or disable this tax rate to to assign it to products.

After you have entered all the information correctly, click on the Save button.


Managing Tax Rates

To edit an existing tax rates, go to International >Taxes sub menu in the PrestaShop back-office. You will be presented with a table consisting a list of existing tax rules. To edit a tax rule, click on the Edit button of that particular tax rates.

Prestashop Edit Tases

The options to edit a tax is same as adding a tax like the name, rate and the option for enabling/disabling the tax.  A column Enabled shows green check mark for  enabled and red cross mark for disabled. To enable or disable tax rates, just click on the mark, and it will toggle from enabled to disabled.

To delete a tax rate click on the arrow next to Edit button and from the drop-down menu select Delete as shown below :


You can even enable/disable or delete more than one tax rate at the same time using the Bulk actions drop-down menu below the table of taxes. For that first, check the check boxes of the taxes that you want to edit, then select the action from the drop-down menu as shown below:

General Tax Options

There are some general tax options that affect all tax rates and rules of the store. These options are available at the bottom of the page after table of tax rates labeled as Tax Options:

Taxes - General Options

The available options are:

  • Enable tax – Set this option to yes, if you want to apply taxes to products.
  • Display tax in the shopping cart – When this option is disabled the tax amount on the products will be shown as a separate line only at the Payment step of the checkout process. If you enable this option, a line with the tax amount will also be shown at the Summary step of the checkout process.
  • Based on – A customer can have different billing as well as delivery address. In this option you can select, whether the tax should be based on the delivery address or on the billing address of the customer.
  • Use ecotax  – Enabling this option will add an ecotax to your products. When you enable it, this will add a field on the form for adding/editing products with which you can set the ecotax.



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