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Managing Product Attributes and Features

Product Attributes

PrestaShop attributes are used for “combinations” in PrestaShop. You can create combinations of a product if at least one of its attributes changes. You can think attributes as properties of products that changes with different variations, while still keeping the same product name and price. For example, a product can have different color, size, weight etc.

Attributes are configured from “Products” page under the “Catalog” menu, on per product basis. An attribute must be created before we can use them in a product. An attributed can be created from “Attributes” tab of the “Attributes & Features” page, under the “Catalog” menu.

This page lists all of your currently registered attributes. You can edit or delete any of the attribute using the actions on the right of the table, or display their values by clicking on the “View” action, which opens a new table.

PrestaShop Attributes List

Creating new attributes

To create a new attribute, simply click “Add new attribute”. A new page will appear as below:

prestashop add attribute

Name. The name of the attribute. This needs to be short and clear, so that one can easily understand it. Public name. The attribute name, shown to the customers on the product page. For example you can have attribute name as “Color” but Public name could be “Shoe Color”, the “Shoe Color” will be shown to buyers. Attribute type. PrestaShop allows you to select whether the product’s page should display this attribute’s values as a drop-down list, a radio button list, or a color (or texture) picker.

After filling all these value, hit save to return to the attributes list. Now you must add values to your newly created attribute.

Creating a new value

To create a new attribute value, click on “Add new value”. A new page will appear as below:

prestashop add value

Attribute group. Select the attributes, you want to set value, from the drop-down list. Value. Give desired value to the attribute e.g “Blue”, “32 Gb” etc. Color. If your attribute is a color, you can select it from the color picker or enter the color code manually also i.e. “#ffffff” or “white”.

Texture. If your product use textured i.e. tiger stripes, you have option to upload a small image which will be displayed on the product’s page. Current texture. It displays the current texture assigned to your product.

Once you have created attributes and their values, you are ready to create product combinations in each product’s “Combinations” tab, from the “Products” page under the “Catalog” menu.

Product Features

Features are a product’s essential characteristic that remain the same in different product’s variations (or “combinations”). For example different variations of  iPad can have different attributes like color, disk space etc but can have same features like weight, size etc.

Features are configured on each product separately, from the “Product” page under the “Catalog” menu. As with attributes, features also must first be registered on your shop using “Features” tab under the “Attributes & Features” page from the “Catalog” menu.

prestashop features list

You can change the feature’s order using the arrows in the “Position” column.  Using action column, you can edit or delete a feature as well as view the action. Selecting view in action column will display the avaliable values for this feature. 

Adding a feature

Adding a feature is very simple, to do so click on “Add new feature” on “Features” tab under “Attributes and Features” Page. It will open a simple form, where you can enter the name of the feature like weight, size etc.

prestashop add feature

Adding a value to a feature

To add value to a feature, simply click on  “Add new feature value”, a form will appear. Select the feature from the drop-down list and enter the value for the feature in value field and hit save.

prestashop add feature value

You can even add more than one values for the same feature by saving your changes with the “Save then add another value” button.

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