Managing Customers in PrestaShop

A customer is an individual that purchases goods or services from your PrestaShop store. Customers are important for your PrestaShop store because they drive revenues for your store; without them, you have nothing to offer. In this tutorial we will learn how to manage PrestaShop customers. In a PrestaShop store you can add new customers, edit and delete existing customers as well as view existing customers information for the admin back office.

If you want to learn managing customer addresses in PrestaShop, please refer to our tutorial Managing Customer Address in PrestaShop

Access Customers in Admin Panel

To access the customers in you PrestaShop back office, navigate to Customers -> Customers in the admin panel. This will open a page with the table of all existing registers customers as shown below:

PrestaShop - Managing Customers


PrestaShop comes with one sample customer (John DOE) by default. The table shows information about each of the registered customers like First Name, Last Name, Email Address etc. You can filter the customers using the filtering options at the top of the table.


Add New Customers

Usually a customer registers themselves from your PrestaShop front end, while buying a product. PrestaShop lets you  register customers from back office admin also. To do so, navigate to Customers -> Customers and click on Add New Customer  button at the top right of the page. This is open a page with a form to add  new customer as shown below:

The options to fill as as follows:

  • Social title –  The social title of the customer, the default are Mr. and Mrs., that you can select according to the gender of the customer.
  • First name – The first name of the customer and its a required field.
  • Last name – Last name of the customer and this is also a required field.
  • Email address – The email address of the customer. Customer logs in your PrestaShop site using email address and password only.So email address id your PrestaShop site login name.
  • Password – The password for the customer to log in to your PrestaShop store. It needs to be at least five character long, A customer can change its password from their account settings, once logged in.
  • Birthday – The birthday of the customer, this is an optional field.
  • Status – This is used to enable or disable customer login. By default this option is enabled, but if you want to deactivate a customer account, set this option to disable.
  • Partner offers –  If you publish newsletters for your PrestaShop store and want your customer to receive it in their email, set this options to yes.
  • Group access – This option list all the customer groups available in your  PrestaShop store. And from here you can select the groups to which this customer belong to. A customer can belong to more than one group. You can use customer groups to set up various discounts and promotions and also to limit the access to categories and products in your PrestaShop store.
  • Default customer group  – Here you can select the default group for the customer.Only the discount for the selected group will be applied to this customer.

After you have filled all the information. Click on Save button to create a new customer.

Note that by default when a person registers a customer account on the front end, a welcome email will be sent automatically to the email address for the account containing the login credentials. But when you add a customer from the back office, no such email will be sent. So here you have to send the login credentials to the customer.


Edit and Delete Customers

To edit the account information of an existing customer, navigate to Customers -> Customer in your PrestaShop admin back office. This will open a page with the table of all existing registers customers as shown below:

PrestaShop - Managing Customers


To edit a customer click on the edit button, its a pencil icon, of that particular customer from the list.  The option to edit a customer is same as adding a new customer. On the page, Editing customer, you can change the detail of a customer you want and save the changes by clicking Save  button on the bottom.

To delete a customer click on Delete button that appears after selecting the drop down menu having three dots right next to edit button as shown below:


You can even delete more that on customers at once, by selecting the checkbox for each customer you want to delete and choose delete selected from the bulk actions drop down on the top. After clicking the delete button a popup will appear , asking you  how do you want to delete the selected customers.



You can remove all the data related to a customer from database. This will remove the customer account and its other related data but the order placed by customers will still be visible in the PrestaShop admin back-end. This way the customer can register again in the future using the same email address. Alternatively, you can remove the customer account but keep their corresponding data in the database, this way account can’t be registered with same email address.

Enable and Disable Customers

You can enable and disable a customers from PrestaShop admin. If an account is disabled, the customer will not be ble to log in and place any order in the PrestaShop store. To enable and disable a customer, Navigate to Customers -> Customers in the PrestaShop back end. Here you’ll see a column labeled Enabled in the table for all customer accounts.


PrestaShop - Managing Customers


A green check mark indicates that the account is enabled and red X mark indicates a customer is disabled. If you click on it,  the green check mark and red X mark will toggle each other. You can also enable or disable a customer by editing an customer account.


View Customer Information

To view all the information related to a customer, navigate to Customers -> Customers in the PrestaShop back end. In the table of customers list, click on the arrow next to the Edit button for that customer and in the drop-down menu that expands click on View:

This will open a new page with all the information about the customer. This will show the personal information of the customer, the addresses of the customer, orders that customer has placed, a list of the ordered products, the messages customer has sent you, a list of the vouchers etc.


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