Managing Currencies in PrestaShop

By default one currency is added and enabled in standard PrestaShop installation. This is the default currency used by the store that is selected during the installation of PrestaShop store. If you require, you can even add more currencies and also change the default currency of your store.

If you plan to sell your products in more than one countries then you will need to add multiple currency support to your store. PrestaShop allows you to add as many as currencies you would like to add and enables these currencies as payment options to your customers. In this tutorial we will learn how to manage currency in your PrestaShop store.

Add Currencies by Importing Localization Packs

The most easy and fast way to add a new currency is by importing a localization pack for a country that uses the particular currency. To do this, navigate to International > Localization in the PrestaShop backend. The following page will appear as below:

Import Localization Pack

On this page, in the panel Import a localization pack, select the country from the drop-down menu. Just make sure Currencies in content to import is selected and choose yes  for the option download pack data and click on import button.

This will import the pack for the country selected and the currency will also be automatically added. After this you have to make sure that the  newly added currency is enabled. You can do that from Currencies tab in the admin panel on same page.


Add Currencies Manually

We can even add currency manually, to do this, navigate to International > Localization and click on Currencies  tab in PrestaShop admin backoffice. This will open a page that will show a table of existing currencies. To add a new currency manually click on Add new currency on the top-right on the page.

Add New Currency


This will open a page where you can add new currency by selecting it from drop down and enter the exchange rate of that currency from the default currency of the store. Do not forget to enable the currency by clicking the status switch on the right side.

Add Currency Manually


Edit, Enable, Disable and Delete Currencies

In Currencies tab on International > Localization you see a list of currently available currencies in your PrestaShop.  You can edit a currency by clicking Edit button of the currency you want to edit.

Currency EDit

This will open the currency edit page similar to manually currency add page, here you can change the currency, its exchange rate and also disable or enable the currency.

Edit Currency


You can enable or disable currencies by editing the particular currency and set its Enable option to Yes or No, or can also do this directly in the currencies list table by selecting green check-mark in the list. To delete a currency, in currencies list table click the arrow next to the Edit button for the particular currency and from the menu that appears select Delete.

Delete Currency


Update Currency Rates Automatically

If your store has more than one currency, it’s necessary to have the rates for all currencies updated regularly. You can either update the exchange rate manually, by filling the exchange rate by editing a currency, or automatically. Its a great idea to exchange the rate automatically, as usually the exchange rate changes daily.

To enable PrestaShop to exchange rates automatically in Currencies tab on International > Localization page in back office, enable the switch Live Exchange Rate on the right side and click update button below that to update the exchange rate automatically.

Exchange Rates


Change the Default Currency of the Store

The currency chosen during the installation of PrestaShop becomes the default currency of your store. You can change your default currency after you have added more currencies to your store. To do this, go to International > Localization page in back office and got to the panel labeled  Configuration. You can change the default currency in this section by selecting the currency from Default currency drop down.

Change Default Currency


Congratulations! you now know how to manage currencies in PrestaShop. If you have any questions/queries, do comments below.

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